Using the Tools God Gives
We are excited to announce the implementation of our new home on! Over seventy of Pastor Rick's sermons can be found there. These vital bible truths are there for the edifying, strengthening and even correcting of the body of Christ. Get a real check of your faith through these powerful lessons from the Word of God that have been brought forth through the Holy Spirit. You can also check out the blog Here. Just search for Ricky Pack. Remember, God never gives us ANYTHING that He doesn't intend for us to use. These are also great ways to spread the Gospel to your friends and loved ones.
The newest tool God has provided us with in the furtherance of His kingdom is Each time you search using this site and designating Ricky Pack Ministries as the cuase you want to support, you are building up money that will help us spread the gospel to Frederick County, Maryland and the surrounding counties. There is also GoodShop. Major retailers participate in this site and give back a percentage of the items purchased to your selected cause. I can think of no greater cause than the spreading of the Gospel to all and hastening our Lord's return! A link to the site has been included on the Links page.